• KN95 Filtering Face Respirator

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*Either one of the two mask designs will be sent to you.


Flat pleated respirator
Multi-Layer Filtration: White Polypropylene spunbond, Non-Woven PP Micro Fiber Meltblown, Polypropylene, Polyprolylene
Plastic Nose Wire
White elastic Ear loop
Dimension: 15.5” Circumference

Multi-Layer Filtration

Therespirator is flat, pleated by 4-layers that is breathable, comfortable and provides high protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and more. The respirator is constructed from a Polypropylene Spunbond used in the outer layer. The Non-Woven PP Micro is the filler media and the Terylene is layered as the inner. The Ear loop is made of the natural rubber, which is stapled to the respirator. The inside nose piece is a soft sponge foam.

Therespirator is sterilized and only for single use.


Intended Use

The respirator is intended for single use by operating room personnel or general health care workers for protection against microscopic organisms, body fluids and particulates.

Respirator User Instructions

1. Holding the ear straps with both hands with the inside of the respirator towards you. The nose clips should be at the top of the respirator.
2. Hold the respirator to your chin.
3. Pull the ear band behind the ear and adjust it to feel as comfortable as possible.
4. Place the fingers of both hands to the middle of the metal nose clip. Fully press the nose clip until it fits your bridge shape along your nose securely.

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